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Phil Anschutz Shuttering the Weekly Standard Would Make Him a Bad Caretaker of Conservatism


I don’t mean to dwell on this subject, but I continue to worry about both Phil Anschutz and the Weekly Standard. I worry about the Standard because it is a wonderful braintrust of right-of-center talent that covers not just politics and news, but culture so well. I worry about Phil Anschutz because I’ve always viewed him as a good caretaker of conservatism and scuttling the Weekly...

Something for Everyone With Alarm Bells Ringing For All


Democrats picked up the United States House of Representatives, flipped seven state legislative chambers, added six states where Democrats now control both the state legislature and Governor’s Mansion, and the three states that put Trump over the finish line (Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) all elected Democrat Governors and Senators. But Republicans made gains in the Senate in...

Today is All About Trump


All politics should be local, but President Trump himself has insisted it is like he is on the ballot. And he is right. Today is a nationalized election about Donald Trump and depending on where you live it will have major implications for Democrats and Republicans. In urban and suburban areas, there has been a decided shift away from President Trump. That will impact House races and more likely...

There is More Than This. There Has to Be.


It started on Friday. I finally talked myself into going back to CrossFit a month ago. But on Friday, I couldn’t finish a very easy workout. I couldn’t catch my breath. We had a hurricane roll through two weeks ago and the remnant of the storm that went through Mexico was passing through on Thursday and Friday last week. My lungs sometimes get weird after low pressure systems move...

The Rolling Stone Story About Brian Kemp is a Nothing Burger


The leftwing publication Rolling Stone has obtained undercover video of Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp talking about the absentee ballots generated by his rival’s gubernatorial campaign. In the video, Kemp says that “They have just an unprecedented number of [absentee ballots which is something that continues to concern us, especially if everybody uses and exercises their right...

No, Brian Kemp is Not Stealing the Election By Cancelling Voter Registrations


The left is playing up a political activist’s story that Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Secretary of State and the Republican gubernatorial nominee, is cancelling voter registrations in order to “steal” the election in Georgia. It is simply not true. In fact, federal law requires that states purge their voter rolls of voters who have moved or died. Because no one ever calls the...

You Can’t Fight That Way


There is a movement afoot on the right to embrace tactics the left embraces in public, namely harassing politicians, chasing them out of restaurants, and otherwise engaging in mob like tactics. But there is a problem with this and I think conservatives, particularly faith based conservatives, need to avoid these tactics. I think the embrace of movements on the right that behave like Antifa and...

Democrats Are Losing Because They Believed Their Own Press


“We’ve got to be more ruthless,” more than one Democrat strategist has proclaimed since Saturday’s vote to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. They’ve just gone through three weeks of a targeted, organized character assassination of a Supreme Court nominee and think they need to be more ruthless. Ponder that for a minute. But the real issue here is that the...

Senate Republicans Must Confirm Brett Kavanaugh Now


Christine Blasey Ford made for a strong witness before the United States Senate. She came across as compelling and sympathetic. It seems clear something happened to her at some point in her life. But Rachel Mitchell performed masterfully yesterday exposing the action against Brett Kavanaugh as a leftwing character assassination. Questioning Ford, Mitchell established that Ford’s legal team:...

Why I Do Not Believe the Accusers


Several people I very much respect have asked me for an explanation of why I am willing to assert the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are false instead of keeping an open mind. Given my respect for those people, I will lay out my thinking and your mileage may vary. First, let me set three parameters specifically with regard to Christine Blasey Ford. I do not dispute that she could have been...

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