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Laura Ingraham Is Not Racist, But She Is Wrong


The leftwing blowback against Laura Ingraham comes from the same place Ingraham’s comments come from. The left quickly stomped on her comments made on Fox News the other day about immigration. They called her “racist” for comments suggesting people are coming here who we did not want and who are fundamentally changing the culture away from something that is American...

The Alex Jones Situation Was Handled Poorly By the Press and the Tech Companies


I do not want to single out any reporters as I don’t think any of them is actually malicious or bad at what they do. They’re actually very good and don’t want them harassed. But I have seen several good reporters noting that Facebook and the other tech companies only tossed Jones after the press pointed out repeatedly that Jones was violating the tech companies’ terms of...

God’s Got This


This past weekend, we concluded the Resurgent Gathering. I need to confess now. Perhaps it will be good for your soul. I need just to unburden mine. We decided to go forward with the Resurgent Gathering in April after we got our first big sponsorship check. But the work really did not begin until around May 1st. We put this whole thing together in four months from a hotel contract to the actual...

Evil Preaches Tolerance Till Dominant. Then It Seeks to Silence Good.


The Dean of the School of Journalism at the University of Georgia is in hot water. He tweeted out that he grew up with Georgia’s Republican gubernatorial nominee, Brian Kemp, and “politics be damned” he knows Kemp is a good guy. The forces of Mordor sprang into action and dragged the Dean through the mud, vilifying him for liking a Republican. The Dean, you see, is white so of...

I Don’t Have Strongly Held Views on This, Except the Hysteria Is Too Much


I don’t know what to think about the Mueller investigation. I have a lot of friends who have strongly held opinions about the investigation. I am paid to have opinions. But I have no strongly held opinion on the investigation. It seems to me that there would be no Mueller investigation had the President not fired James Comey. The President’s lack of self control got us here. But in...

Everything You Need to Know About the Georgia Republican Gubernatorial Runoff and Brian Kemp’s Win


When the polls closed the night of the Republican primary, it looked like it would be Casey Cagle’s campaign to lose and lose he did. What is most striking about the entire process is that he hit a ceiling in the primary and could not persuade the high number of undecided voters to come his way. Cagle took for granted that voters knew him since he had been the state’s lieutenant governor for...

Mark Zuckerberg is Right


Leftwing activists are calling on Mark Zuckerberg to assume the role of censor on Facebook. It is a private platform. Facebook has the right to allow or prohibit any content Facebook wants. The left can call on Facebook to do this, but it is a bad idea. Both Facebook and Zuckerberg are right to refuse. The left is starting out with the most notorious cause — white supremacy and Nazis. We...

In Helsinki, The President Sounded Like a Fiddle


I want to support President Trump. While I vehemently disagree with him on tariffs and hope he reverses course, his agenda of deregulation is good. His tax cutting policy is good. His judicial picks are good. His walk away from the Paris Accord is good. Moving the Israeli Embassy is good. Getting out of the Iran deal is good. All these things are good. The President has picked good advisors and...

I Am Increasingly More Concerned About The Left Than Trump


The President’s character still weighs on me. The willingness of his supporters to turn a blind eye to his bad behavior weighs on me. The man cheated on his pregnant third wife with a porn star and the few who aren’t still denying it are essentially taking the position that it’s pretty cool to be able to have a fling with a porn star. But for all the problems I have with the...

The Media Attacks a Stay-At-Home Mom to Get Revenge on Her Husband


For well over the last decade, Fox News has kicked every other news network’s rear end in ratings. While Roger Ailes was always the chief villain in the drama, Bill Shine was always viewed as his right-hand man. In fact, Shine was the guy who managed the talent and made the opinion programming at Fox number one. He started out with Hannity and rose to be co-president of Fox News after Ailes...

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