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Black Lives Matter Activist Shaun King Falsely Accuses Texas Patrolman of Crime


This is just horrific. Shaun King, the Black Lives Matter activist, has been on social media attacking a police officer in Texas. King claimed the officer kidnapped and raped a lady then held her in jail while the officer deleted his own social media profiles to avoid people targeting him. King named the officer and claimed to know the “victim’s” lawyer. The victim, Sherita...

The Blue Wave in Georgia Won’t Be Like the Spin


Democrats and the media are making great hay out of the Republican turnout being only 50,000 votes more than the Democratic turnout in Georgia’s primary elections. In 2014, it was a 300,000 vote gap in favor of the GOP. It is misleading to rely on that comparison. Georgia is still a tough place for Democrats to win statewide. In 2014, Republicans had a highly competitive Senate primary featuring...

More Awful Revelations & Eric Greitens’ Awfulness Could Keep the GOP From Holding the Senate


Eric Greitens is a sociopath who needs to be thrown out of office for his monstrous, criminal behavior. But some Republicans seem to want to stand by their man. They have a new reason, however, to toss Greitens. He may cost the GOP the Senate. Claire McCaskill is often rated the most vulnerable Democrat, but she is being helped by Eric Greitens, the Missouri Governor, who refuses to resign over...

The Most Important Election in America Happens Today


Contrary to the media hype, Democrats are not going to win the Governor’s Mansion in Georgia this year barring scandal on the Republican side. The numbers are not there demographically. But the Democratic primary for Governor of Georgia is the most important election in America for the time being and it happens today. The race pits two Staceys against each other: Abrams and Evans. This race...

Guns Aren’t the Problem. The Collapse of the Morality You Mock is the Problem.


If it isn’t a gun, it would be a knife. If not a knife, it’d be car. If not a car, it’d be homemade pipe bombs. People are desperate to grasp onto something to stop the monstrous kids who storm into schools to gun down their peers. Getting rid of guns is a tangible thing that people think they can do in an age of “just do something” self-help that would make the...

The President Sets Himself Up For Failure


The President should have been in church instead of tweeting on Sunday morning. He has set himself up for failure. Via Twitter, President Trump is demanding the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI and or Department of Justice infiltrated and spied on the Trump campaign for political purposes. I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice...

What Is Upstream From Culture?


In the book After the Ball, psychologist Marshall Kirk and ad man Hunter Madsen painted a picture of what the gay rights movement should do to normalize and advance their agenda in America. The book came out in 1990. Kirk and Madsen treated their book as a manifesto and we have witnessed their vision. The propaganda effort the authors set out included inserting gay men and women into Hollywood to...

The Relevant Point About the John Kelly Story


I do not think it is relevant whether or not General John Kelly referred to the President as an idiot. I think it is entirely plausible and I have no doubt the NBC News reporters have sources inside and outside the White House saying these things to them. The reporters say they have eight sources inside and outside the White House. I’d be curious how many of those eight are in the White...

The Georgia Gubernatorial Primary Picks Up Steam


Five candidates are running for the Georgia Republican nomination to succeed Governor Nathan Deal. Whoever gets the nomination will have one distinction neither Deal nor Perdue had. The Republican nominee will be the first actual lifelong Republican elected governor in Georgia. I say that intentionally. Democrats are convinced a blue wave will wash over Georgia. I do not think it will go as high...



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