Seriously, you know and I know that all the people screaming the loudest in defense of President Trump after the Michael Cohen guilty plea would be screaming bloody murder for impeachment if Donald Trump had a “D” next to his name.

Their defenses are not in good faith, but in defense of partisan turf protection and, in some cases, income protection.

But, in fairness, most of the people calling for impeachment would be doubling down in defense of the President if he was on their team. They would be behaving exactly as so many Republicans are now behaving.

Ultimately, however, there is another thing to be honest about. Sooner or later the rule of law will prevail.

President Trump won his 2016 election by essentially 70,000 votes spread through Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Many of those who voted for Trump did so because of Clinton, not because of Trump. Others did so because they viewed the aggressive leftwing antics and positions of the Democrats as a threat to their way of life.

Right now, many of those people will stay with Donald Trump because the left continues to scare them more than Trump does.

But there is a sizable contingent of Americans who voted third party, stayed home, or even voted for Trump to protest the rule of law abuses of Team Clinton. And these people will shape the midterms and these people will shape 2020.

The President’s loyal supporters who would be screaming for impeachment if he were on the other team are not enough to keep him where he is.

God has a funny way of forcing people to choose between righteousness and sin — to choose which they prefer and to have an accounting on it. We are seeing that begin to happen here. People sided with the bad character because of the transactions they could transact from him that they could not get with the other. But the ramifications of bad character will outlast the policies and along the way the rule of law will assert itself. People will make a choice.

One will be hard pressed to convince me that the people who rejected Clinton because of her abuse of the rule of law will stick with Trump. And one will be hard pressed to convince me that the people who voted third party to protest both Trump and Clinton will not assert themselves on behalf of the rule of law.

The President, if Michael Cohen is taken at his word in his plea deal, has committed a felony. It matters very little right now because the President will not be indicted nor will he be impeached. But in his word versus Michael Cohen’s word, it will be more than the President’s supporters and his opponents who will make up their mind. Those other voters out there will weigh in too and the consequences will be far reaching.