For well over the last decade, Fox News has kicked every other news network’s rear end in ratings. While Roger Ailes was always the chief villain in the drama, Bill Shine was always viewed as his right-hand man. In fact, Shine was the guy who managed the talent and made the opinion programming at Fox number one. He started out with Hannity and rose to be co-president of Fox News after Ailes died. I continue to think it was a strategic mistake for Fox News to part ways with Bill Shine.

But Shine landed on his feet and is now the Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Communications for the White House. He took that job a week ago. Since then, you’d hardly know it from the coverage of the press. They’ve been far more focused on attacking Darla Shine, a stay-at-home mom who happens to be Bill Shine’s wife.

Darla Shine had a career in television news in her own right, but she did that thing that is unforgivable to the progressive left — she decided to give up her career to raise a family while Bill’s career took off. As Bill was making the long commuting to and from Fox News’s offices, Darla was raising their family, getting homework done, and getting kids to little league games. She had, for a time, a radio show, but otherwise blogged about being a stay-at-home mom.

Now that her husband is the White House Communications Director, the media is attacking Darla as a way to attack Bill Shine. These attacks have very little to do with Darla and everything to do with the media finally able to extract vengeance against the man who has denied them ratings points for a decade. It follows on the heels of the Huffington Post getting a man fired from his job in Connecticut because the man’s significant other was a pro-Trump twitter troll. A Huffington Post reporter badgered the WWE wrestling group until they fired that Twitter troll’s husband.

When it comes to being a Trump supporter, spouses are fair game for attack from the press.

The media has gone through the audio files of Darla Shine’s show to find the things they can play up as most outrageous. They have gone through her Twitter feed to find the things they can play up as most outrageous. With her radio program, they are using material from a decade ago to put her in the worst possible light and with her Twitter feed they are selectively quoting tweets to make her look like a racist.

You don’t have to agree with the things Darla Shine has said. She and I disagree on several issues. But those statements and topics are not really what’s at play here. What is at play is that this is a stay-at-home mom whose husband now works for the President. It’s not like Bill Shine was not a public figure for a decade. He was a very public figure, and the media never went after his wife.

Now, however, he works for the President, so targeting his wife for character assassination has become fair game. You and I both know that if this were the Obama Administration, the media would think it beyond the pale to attack a stay-at-home wife of a White House employee.

Darla Shine is not a racist. She is not some fringe person. It is only easy to claim she is both because you do not know her and the media has placed her in the worst possible light to finally score points against her husband. Darla Shine is a private citizen who stayed at home raising her children while her husband went to work every day. She had and still has a far harder job than most of the reporters now trying to ruin her reputation. She deserves our respect and her privacy, not our scorn.