I do not think it is relevant whether or not General John Kelly referred to the President as an idiot. I think it is entirely plausible and I have no doubt the NBC News reporters have sources inside and outside the White House saying these things to them. The reporters say they have eight sources inside and outside the White House. I’d be curious how many of those eight are in the White House. That said, I don’t think Kelly saying these things is the relevant point here, whether or not he actually said them.
The relevant and notable point is that there are people inside and outside the White House yet again plotting to get Kelly ousted. We tend to have these stories come up now with metronomic consistency. The moment they start to die down, they suddenly get fired back up. This comes on the heels of the Ronny Jackson nomination, and I suspect the President blames Kelly in part for how that went. In fact, we have the drip, drip, drip of another story today that Mike Pence’s doctor had warned Kelly of problems and the media helpfully adds that this is similar to the Rob Porter story.
We saw the “President sours on Kelly” stories then too. This is a very consistent pattern on the part of one or more people (eight of them according to NBC News) who want John Kelly fired for their own agenda. And that, my friends, is the big story here. Yet again, people inside the White House are maneuvering for power. Figure out who Kelly has marginalized and you’ll figure out the sources.