Barack Obama Used the Government to Spy on Congress


First, is George W. Bush had done this there’d be Democrats and Republicans demanding he be impeached. Of course, Bush would have never done this. President Obama unleashed the NSA to spy on Israel and congress in an attempt to block the Israeli government from undermining the Iranian deal.

It really is amazing how much the Obama Administration has invested in helping a rogue regime acquire nuclear weapons. He’s willing to go so far as spying on congressional conversations and on Jewish groups.

Like Jimmy Carter before him, but with even more reckless abandon, President Obama has time and time again shown himself to positively loath Israel. But Carter never spied on Congress.

Congress began impeachment proceedings on Richard Nixon for spying on the opposing political party. But, of course, the GOP won’t start up impeachment proceedings against Obama because they want to be liked so badly. It is also true, however, that they’d get zero Democrat votes. The Democrats have surrendered the constitution in the name of partisanship.

At a minimum, Congress needs to unleash a serious and substantive investigation on what has happened.

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