Melissa Click — The Chick Who Needed “Some Muscle”


Melissa Click is a chick professor at the University of Missouri who teaches mass media. Being a professor of mass media, she probably should have known that saying “I Need Some Muscle” would lead to a hilarious YouTube video.

Yes, a female professor who no doubt fancies herself a feminist, didn’t want to rely on the girls to shove a reporter out of the way. She wanted “muscle.” Grrrrrrr, baby, to quote Austin Powers.

It is also hysterical that a professor of mass media who probably demands that her students use their First Amendment rights to the fullest would have such little respect for the First Amendment when it comes to student “safe spaces.”

In any event, I really just wanted to write a short post about Melissa Click, the chick who wanted muscle on a university campus. The whole this is absurd. She is no better than the authoritarian masters who executed witches in the late 1600’s. In a few years when the madness has burned itself out, we should remember a mass media professor who demanded media be shut down.

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