Rush Limbaugh Continues Proving Liberals Are Stupid


So there’s this video of Rush Limbaugh that’s surfaced. In it, Rush talks about keeping people tuned in and engaged to his radio program.

Naturally, many on the left are portraying this as the caption at Fark does — “Early interview with Rush Limbaugh shows him bragging how he manipulates his listener’s emotions for profit. Right-wingers insist they are not being duped.”

There’s just one problem. If you actually take the time to listen to what Rush is saying, he’s talking about people who hate him continuing to listen to him. That’s the whole point.

Rush says, “The key is knowing that nobody can get everybody to like them. Keeping in mind that the law of averages indicates that half of the people who listen to you are not going to like you. You’ve still got to find a way to make those who don’t like you keep listening to your program.

In other words, it’s not about right-wingers getting duped, it’s about roping in stupid liberals, many of whom contribute to Rush having a 20 million person listening audience.

I cannot believe someone is so stupid he could listen to that entire clip and somehow think Rush was talking about the right. We like him because he’s right.

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