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Chris Krok, who handles morning talk duties on AM 940 here in Macon, has been a huge champion on the police department. When Elaine Lucas, a member of City Council, sought to interject herself into personnel issues within the police department here in Macon, Krok went after her. He’s been insistent that Council members let the police department do its job.

Well, the Police Department has invited Krok to speak at an Awards dinner tomorrow night. That resulted in this email from Elaine, who wanted members of the media copied on the email:

It has come to my attention that there is a potentially divisive situation about to be created by the invitation from the Police department to Chris Krok for the police awards program tomorrow night. I had planned to attend along with my son and his date as I always try to support the police department both in spirit and in council proceedings. I will, unfortunately, not be able to attend the program. My husband is incensed that this person would be invited since he has heard me over the years talking with and advocating on behalf of police officers as we lay in bed together late at night. Many of the officers are retired, but some are currently employed police officers, and at the time, had legitimate concerns for their jobs. I have been there for over 20 years working on behalf of our law enforcement. But this is an insult and I take it personally. It is also my understanding that other council members and some police officers will not attend if Chris Krok attends and is on the program. Does the police chief condone the reckless actions of Chris Krok? Do we want to further divide our city workforce? Does the police chief condone allowing Chris Krok to freely ride with police officers purely for the purpose of further dividing this community? I hope not. I am seeking an answer from the police chief and the Mayor. Joyce, would you please forward this message to all council members, Mayor Reichert, and all news media. Of course, Chris Krok loves the media attention–positive or negative.

If that wasn’t enough, she followed up with this threat to the Police Department (she sits on the Appropriations Committee):

What I am simply saying that there have been many police officers that have sought my assistance and support in pay issues and personal employment issues over the years. My husband has listened to conversations that I have had with these officers who have called at all hours of the day and night. Some of these calls have come very late after we were all in bed. I have listened and supported and comforted. To have this same police department turn against me and invite (or allow) Chris Krok to speak at an awards program where they know that I will be in attendance is an insult. I am asking for immediate action to uninvite him or I will not attend. All future police department concerns and budget requests should be addressed to Chris Krok for action.

It is a dangerous thing when elected officials begin bullying others to censor people or face repercussions.

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