If You Live in Macon, Tell City Council “No”


I really need your help. I need you to call your City Councilman at (478) 751-7260 and tell him/her to oppose the Council Pension Plan legislation.

Macon’s City Council on Tuesday night will consider whether or not Members of Council should have a pension.

Friends, it is a dangerous thing to give part time city councilmen a pension. Pensions should be for full time employees. More importantly, pensions should be for employees, not for small time legislators.

The irony is that the Council has decided not to give a cost of living adjustment to policemen or other city employees, but seems intent on giving City Councilmen a pension.

This is wrong.

Call your City Councilman at (478) 751-7260 and make sure he/she knows you expect the Council Pension Plan legislation to be voted down.

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