I’ve got a question. Here’s the Washington Post Headline: As Crisis Deepens, White House Endures Diminished Power to Influence Events.

This all ties in to the Musharraf debacle and the U.S. well

The United States now finds itself with few good options and dwindling power to influence events in the nuclear-armed state, particularly because experts believe Musharraf’s actions may have ensured his demise as a national leader.

I gotta tell ya, though, I saw that headline and I’m not ashamed to say my first reaction was “Thank God.”

And when I saw it involved the State Department, I repeated it.

Has there ever been a government beauracracy more inept and out to sabotage a President than the State Department? And it’s not just Republican presidents, but Democrats too — the State Department career bureaucrats have, for decades, worked to undermine every President’s foreign policy, convinced they know better.

Thank God most President’s ignore them. Of course, the present problem presents itself because the present Secretary of State has set herself up as puppet to the State Department bureaucracy.