Ron Paul Supporters: Totally Nuts


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According to one eyewitness, Giuliani was beset by dozens of Paul enthusiasts as he was leaving the island, some of whom shouted taunts about 9/11, including: “9/11 was an inside job” and “Rudy, Rudy, what did you do with the gold?” — an apparent reference to rumors about $200 million in gold alleged to have disappeared in the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

Ed Wyszynski, a longtime party activist from Eagle, said the Paul supporters threatened to throw Giuliani overboard and harrassed him as he took shelter in the ferry’s pilothouse for the 15-minute journey back to Mackinaw City.

“It was awful,” said Wyszynski, who supports Mitt Romney for the GOP presidential nomination.

“I was embarrassed to be a Republican. Never, ever, have I seen such a disgraceful performance.”

This, by the way, is why we call Ron Paul supporters MoRons.

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  • Giuliani is an anti-constitution gun-grabber. Vile vile man. Now he’s busy telling his goons to fabricate stories too.

    I think most you – big government supporting – people forget the holocaust only happened 60-years ago when you support someone who is inviting it to happen again.

  • You have some interesting allegations of the Paul supporters. Do you have any evidence to support them? I would wager that you don’t, if you did they would no doubt be ran up a flag pole for all to see.

    Therefore it is easy to conclude that its BS.

    If Paul supporters are “nuts” I would challenge you to grow some “nuts” and stick to the truth on matters.

  • It is very childish of you to start calling Paulites like myself names because you disagree with us. Ron Paul is very popular, as his fundraising skills prove. He also is one of only 5 candidates invited to a GOP dinner on Oct. 16 with President Bush.

    Oh, I’m also very embarrassed that a cross dresser like Giuliani is considered a Republican. If you support transgender candidates like Giuliani (who also married his cousin), then I’m embarrassed you’re Republican too.

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