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ImageCan any President in the present political climate govern as a fiscal conservative? Seriously? The Republicans have been talking a good game, but under the present administration they have failed to deliver on their “small government” pledge. Instead, they’ve been Democrat-lite.

Today on RedState Radio, we pose the question to Senator Fred Thompson. He gives us his take on being a fiscal conservative. Arguably, given his socially conservative voting record and his “leave me alone” brand of practical conservatism, Fred Thompson might just be the one Republican candidate who can reunite social conservatives and libertarians within the Grand Old Party.

In addition to discussing whether a President can really be a fiscal conservative, Senator Thompson also tells us what he’d do first as President. Your mileage may vary, but it sounds to me like he takes a swipe at the current administration and, in particular, the Attorney General’s inept management.

Lastly, Senator Thompson addresses the rumor that he once killed a man and whether a certain famous person in Los Angeles is really afraid of him. All this today on a great episode of RedState Radio.

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