As most of you know, I’m now a blogger for hire. Yesterday was probably the first day I was really “on.” Not that I haven’t been, but yesterday I had to try taking a rather complicated topic and blend it into something easily understood.

It was the first time in a while that I really was using all my training — from the law degree and skills reading a pile of documents on the topic, to the writing in ordinary language skills to explain the stuff, to the basic political stuff of understanding potential fall out and already getting prepared in my find for counter-attacks, etc.

I really enjoyed it and I think it was one of my better pieces of short writing in a while.

What was perhaps most impressive to me was reading a lot of regulatory pleadings that other guys at my office have filed. The writing in those documents was genuinely well done. After five years of legal practice, I appreciate very good legal writing and this was good stuff.

It takes a lot of skill to write both technically and persuasively. A lot of people can handle the technical legal writing, but adding the persuasive element to it is the challenge. Many people skimp and think the facts will speak for themselves. But, from the placement of the paragraph to the word choice, persuasion rarely comes naturally.

So, it was good to see this stuff be so well done.