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This genuinely does not surprise me.

For years, Macon City Council members have bemoaned the poor collection rate for the city’s solid waste fee.

A lack of funding killed the city’s recycling program. Low collections make it difficult to pay for repairs to landfill equipment. A cash-strapped city, council members have said time and again, just can’t afford to let these millions go uncollected.

Perhaps they should look to some of their own. Until recently, City Council President Anita Ponder, President Pro Tem James Timley and Councilmen Charles Jones and Charles Dudley owed, collectively, more than $800 in past-due garbage fees, according to records provided to The Telegraph by the Macon Water Authority, which collects the $15-a-month fee for the city.

Add to that the issue of Anita Ponder’s residence and we can’t just throw stones at the mayor. While the council has it together more than the mayor, it still has its own problems.

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  • The excuses given for not paying the garbage bills should not be acceptable. These City leaders should have to give up their positions for such blatant theft. That is what it is, which is THEFT! The only way that you can not pay your garbage bill added to your water bill is to write a check for less than the amount due! Since, I have automatic draft my entire bill gets paid every month, but even when I wrote checks I would have never dreamed of not paying the garbage fee. I know people get tired of hearing me say it, but that is why I was opposed to the SPLOST because I wanted to see Macon go bankrupt and run the crooks out of town!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Don’t forget to help out a soldier for Christmas, and the USO is a good way to help!

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