Silliness in San Francisco


San Francisco’s mayor considers wireless internet access a “fundamental right.”

That’s silly nonsense. If wireless internet access is a fundamental right, it must be a right for computers for everyone. Gavin, that’s a stretch.

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  • Fundamental right? My ass…I am still dealing with Dialup here in Vermont. Won’t someone please save me from this Gitmo-Inspired Hell I call 28.8?

    Amnesty International…where are you in my time of need…?

  • Christina: Isn’t that what public libraries are for? Most that I know of provide free Internet access. Exactly how should those who can’t afford Internet access use free WiFi? With free laptops for all?

  • Considering most people in San Franscisco who can afford it have internet, people who can’t are at a serious disadvantage when (1) jobs are snatched off the market very quickly using online resumes, when (2) the best living situations are taken off of online posts, when (3) comparison of school district performances are juxtaposed online, when (4) unsanitary restaurants are rated online,…(9999) your awareness of other lifestyles is raised online etc.

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