Ugh! My family will be so proud of me. By the time I finished feeding Evelyn she had smelly greenish poop oozing out everywhere. It smelled like stale cigarettes too. Ugh.

I started gagging and wiping. Before I realized it, she had reached her hand down, gotten poop on her hand, and smeared her face. Yack!

The poopy diaper did not conquer me. I cleaned her all up, bathed us both in Purell, and fled the room before I got sick. Well done if I do say so myself!

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  • Congratulations on your anniversary! Ours is just two days after yours but two years earlier. Evelyn is blessed and they’ll be more poop stories to come…can’t wait to read/hear about them.

  • The Joy’s of Fatherhood!!! Just wait till you hear them on the phone talking with friends, you’ll need the Purell afterwards still. LOL

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