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I’m working multiple sources and have this wrap up before I head off for the 4th of July.

  1. A source close to the Attorney General says that Garza is still the frontrunner. This source speculates that Cornyn has been asked to do interference for the President.
  2. A White House source tells me Garza is still at the top of the list for O’Connor, but Cornyn was there and people are being relatively silent on his situation.
  3. My primary source tells me Cornyn should not be discounted, but Garza is who the source has said all along for O’Connor, with the possibility of Edith Brown Clements.
  4. Third parties are telling me we’ll start hearing about John Roberts again as well as Edith Brown Clements. Also, the media will begin looking at both Cornyn and Garza.
  5. The long and the short of it is we have no real clue right now and we do not want to buy into too many unsubstantiated rumors.

Now, let me say this: sources in the press, in the White House, and in the Senate have all said (1) Rehnquist should be out and they are somewhat surprised he is not; (2) Garza is the most credible O’Connor replacement; and (3) President Bush loves to play wild cards and Cornyn is a wild card. Cornyn makes sense from both a wild card perspective and from a conspiracy perspective (you know, Bush controls Governor Perry so Karl can move to the Senate). Garza has been the most widely circulated name with Edith Brown Clements flying under the radar and the odds are still good for him. It would make sense for Cornyn to be running interference. He is well liked by members on both sides of the aisle and would have familiarity with Garza from their days down in Fifth Circuit territory.

We do know that the President will not formally pick anyone until he returns from the G8. In the meantime, this is the perfect opportunity for the White House to throw a bunch of names out there and see who sinks or swims on the Sunday morning talk shows.

We know one thing for sure — this thing is open and the battle is going to be hard fought.

As for Gonzales? I got a cryptic email from someone who works with Gonzales. He rules out Gonzales and says Gonzales knows this is not his time.

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