Using common sense instead of populist rhetoric, Chairman Charlie Bishop, and Commissioners Sam Hart and Elmo Richardson spared Bibb County from Joe Allen’s kiss of death.

Bibb County commissioners shot down a contract with a labor union Tuesday, but said repeatedly that county employees still have the right to organize.

Saying he didn’t think elected officials should contract with a union, Bibb County Commission Chairman Charles Bishop joined Vice Chairman Sam Hart and Commissioner Elmo Richardson in voting against an agreement with Service Employees International Union, Local 1985.

Commissioners Joe Allen and Bert Bivins disagreed, but in the end commissioners all agreed that – formal contract or not – county employees may join the SEIU on their own. Likewise, local SEIU President Ralph Williams told commissioners that the union’s goal was “not about entering into a signed agreement with the county” but about having access to employees who want to organize without fear of reprisal.

Why Joe Allen wants to whore to the union and bring about the utter stagnation of Bibb County is beyond me. Government employees don’t need a union when they can vote their employers out of office. It’s just silly.

Of course Joe Allen did give the union the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the county employees. But, of course, the county does not have to deal with the union and can feel free to ignore it.

If you get contacted by the union, please email me and let me know.