The Bibb County SPLOST vote is tomorrow. I am frankly surprised that the pro-SPLOST folks have been sooo quiet. However, that just might help. Rumor has it the SPLOST folks are working quietly behind the scenes to get people out to vote. In fact, some of the major businesses in town are rumored to be reminding employees about the vote and the Chamber of Commerce is engaged on the issue.

I predict a narrow passage of the SPLOST. Having the mayor oppose the SPLOST helped the issue. Having the SPLOST “restricted” to paying debts was also a smart tactic. Voters are on notice, however, that there will be some reserves and how those are spent is anyone’s guess. Voters are also on notice that there has been no firm commitment not to raise property taxes even if the SPLOST passes. The county has been insistent on that point and we can generally trust the County and the Chairman, who will no doubt put the brakes on any such effort. We do not, however, have any real reassurances from the city.