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It is a very, very old joke among Republicans. When a Republican is in the White House, the media does stories seemingly every day on the numbers of homeless in America. Oh, the damn Republican President — starving children and forcing families to burn down their houses to stay warm. The horror!

Well, the AP picks it up from there.

I always say that as far as the Democrats and media are concerned, when a Dem is in the White House social security needs saving and the homeless all have homes.

When a Republican resides at 1600 Penn. Ave, NW, social security is suddenly solvent and the homeless have flooded the streets.

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  • Seems your Old Joke as you call it is NO JOKE AT ALL. You see you just don’t get it. The Joke is really on the Homeless. Ever seen a Republican in the White House without a resession? Ever seen a Republican in the White House when jobless claims didn’t rise above .06 % during their stay? No wonder there are more Homeless when Republicans cause jobs to disappear. The good thing for Republicans on this issue is, Homeless people don’t vote. No wonder they don’t care.

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