Cecil Staton, whose campaign I ran, is now a state senator making a name for himself. He has currently submitted a bill, with Governor Perdue’s backing, to prohibit cell phone companies from making cell phone directories without the customer’s consent. You can read about it here.

Senator Staton is also not shying away from controversy. He has filed a bill that would require Georgia voters to show photographic identification when they go vote or their certified birth certificate or social security card. The latter two are there because of poll tax concerns. Most people have to pay to get a photographic id, but everyone gets a social security card without charge and a birth certificate.

Staton’s bill will help stamp out voter fraud at the polls. Currently Georgia allows anyone to show up at polls with a utility bill, bank statement, or “government document” with the name and address of the voter on it. So, I can go next door, take my neighbor’s Georgia Power bill, and show up at the polls claiming to be him. The proposed legislation will eliminate one more area where voter fraud can occur.

Full Disclosure 1: I’ve been ranting about this for two years and suggested the legislation to him. He asked me to draft it, which I gladly did.

Full Disclosure 2: Yeah, I know. In the piece linked to about Cecil, there is also a mini profile of me. Ignore it. It is rather embarassing.