While I applaud the efforts of New Jersey police to avoid jumping to conclusions, most people already have.

I am referring, of course, to this story about the Coptic Christian family tied up and butchered in New Jersery. The father had been critical of muslims.

The New Jersey family’s bodies were found bound and gagged Friday, their throats and heads stabbed repeatedly. No arrests have been made.

Authorities stressed that robbery remained a suspected motive because no cash or jewelry was found in the home. Prosecutor Guy Gregory said the father’s wallet was found empty.

Despite suspicions of robbery, the slayings have created enormous tensions between Muslims and Christians here. The acrimony became apparent as soon as four copper caskets holding the bodies were carried through the streets of New Jersey’s second-largest city to a church.

We do not want to stereotype a group of people or a religion. But, neither Christians nor Jews nor Buddhists nor Taoists nor Rastafarians flew jet liners into the Twin Towers, blew up the USS Cole, blew up two embassies in Iraq, or stormed a nightclub in Bali.

Couple what we know and add to that the latest reports that a family member helped the prosecution get Lynn Smith, the lawyer/terrorist sympathizer, and we have the makings of a terror related crime.

Whether jewelry was taken or not, the odds are this family would be alive today had the father not condemned muslim terrorists.