Understaffed Royal Canadian Mounted Police “can’t fight terror”


Rite Turn Only has a post on how the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are not taking terrorism seriously:

A senior RCMP officer is worried the Mounties will one day have evidence of an impending terrorist attack in Canada, but will not be able to stop or disrupt it because of a lack of resources, a newly disclosed internal report shows.

“It is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ an incident will occur whereby the RCMP will be in possession of a piece of information and/or intelligence that could have been used to disrupt or prevent a terrorist act but could not act upon it because we were inadequately resourced to properly deal with it,” the report says.

“As a result, the majority of units have a limited or non-existent capacity to conduct investigations of a financial nature,” the author [of the report] continues. “This in itself nullifies the financial intelligence program’s ability to meet its mandate of gathering intelligence.”

Canada needs to wake up to the terrorism threats we face in today’s world. They are blessed to have the U.S. has their southern neighbor. They just need to realize that…

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