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Two Rights has started a Podcast, which I have been mulling for a while. They are really the only credible conservative voice in the Podcast world, so I might need to join on to give them some cover.

Podcasting is an audio blog feed that you can download to your mp3 player of choice. However, I’d have a rule that you can only download me to an iPod — no crap players please.

Any thoughts?

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  • Two Rights is not the only conservative voice in the Podcast world. Check out my Rip & Read Blogger Podcast. I read the conservative blogs and read the best posts in a ten minute podcast every day. I read from The Corner on National Review, Instapundit, PowerLine, Wizbang, InDC, Andrew Sullivan, and everyone they point to. Give it a listen. It’s not talk radio, but it is conservative.

    MP3 players are great for podcasts. What’s with the “only download to an iPod”? Why would you want to cut off more than half or your audience? I listen on my PocketPC, and most of the Mp3 players out there are fine for audio podcasts that are usually 64kbit/sec.


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