Looky here:

N. Korea may be ready to return to nuclear talks

In a potentially significant about-face, North Korea (news – web sites) is sending signals it is ready to resume talks with the United States and its neighbors about its nuclear program – provided the Bush administration makes a conciliatory gesture in advance, three North Korea experts said Thursday.

North Korea had attended three rounds of six-nation talks aimed at halting a program that may have given it as many as eight nuclear bombs. But the reclusive nation refused to come back for more sessions in Beijing in September.

Donald Gregg, a former U.S. ambassador to South Korea (news – web sites), and Kenneth Quinones, a former State Department negotiator with the North Koreans, said that senior North Korean, Chinese, Russian and South Korean officials told them this week that the regime in Pyongyang has signaled that it is willing to rejoin the stalled negotiations and has dropped its long-standing insistence on separate, one-on-one talks with the United States.

If I were Jean Kerry, and I was sitting in my chalet reading this whilesipping mint tea, I would feel like a real loser, knowing that North Korea viewed me as a wimp.