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Powerline, which will be guest blogging for NBC’s election coverage, is reporting that 30 vans intended for a get out the vote effort by Wisconsin Republicans have had their tires slashed.

According to the Winconsin GOP’s communication’s director, Chris Lato, “Thirty vans were parked in a lot in Milwaukee intended to be used for our get out the vote effort there. The tires were slashed. The police are investigating. Also last night, someone used black spraypaint to write ‘Illegitimate Democracy’ twice across the side of our building.”

Sgt. Kenneth Harris of the Milwaukee Police Department confirms the report. “Between 4:30am and 6:30 am this moring, 30 economy size passenger vans rented by the Republican National Committee had their tires slashed. The vans were parked in a lot located at the 7100 block of West Capitol Drive.” Detectives are still investigated both the tire slashing and spray painting incident.

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  • They’re going to try to steal it
    Across the country, Democrat voter fraud is emerging. Let’s hope I’m right that this race isn’t close, because if it is close, the Dems will still it.

    Data point, from Erick Erickson, via Powerline:

  • Sounds somewhat like what happened to your Candidate’s trucks that were parked along Riverside Drive for advertisement during the Primary.

  • What a disgrace –
    And worse than a disgrace is a teacher allowed to show the Michael Moore film in a SHCOOL CLASS ROOM – YET Sinclair Station bringing out some TRUTH gets hammered with law suits –
    Call this Democracy? GOD HELP US and spare us from KERRY’s RULE………….

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