Is It Shameful


When a guy reports for duty and the country says f**k off?

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  • HA HA HA! Mr. Jahn Fahnda Kerry, we’re afraid you’re not qualified. Based on our internal bi-partisan investigation of how you’ve handled your senatorial voting duties during this past year, we accidently and unfortunately have discovered that your body has no identifiable quantity of “conviction” which is the bedrock foundation of what we believe is imperative in order for someone to be able to make the strong decisions and not turn into a unilaterally pluck isolated chicken feather, that gets over molested by even the mildest of first light political breezes, that is the result of a shifting single opinion or a reduction in public support for any of the numerously important and just as equally serious issues of which you would be expected to be acting on as if they were on an assembly line that will never ever break down nor take a single minute off.

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