Binge and Purge


Are you up for a little purge? I am. I think it is wonderful that Powell left, Armitage left, and CIA agents are exiting the building in a fashion similar to cockroaches when a light is turned on. Why do they flee? Bush won.

The administration should purge with the gusto of Idi Amin at an all you can eat Whitey buffet.

The CIA in particular, and the vast left wing conspiracy in the halls of the State Department, picked sides in the election. They aligned themselves with the left and the media. Heads should now roll. The administration should purge with the gusto of Idi Amin at an all you can eat Whitey buffet. Blood should run in the corridors — not literally folks, come on — but there should be a flurry of pink slips to make these folks think it is snowing blood.

I’ve been working up to this for a while. I intended a well thought out and rational post, but as the wailing and gnashing of teeth continues among the lefties at State and CIA, all I can say is good riddance. They made their bed and Bush should burn them in it.

The CIA and State Department exist to serve the President. They exist to give the President advice. They do not exist to get their panties in a wad when the President does not do as they say. He is the Commander in Chief, they are his servants. As God does not exist to serve us, the President does not exist to serve the State Department and CIA. For some reason these entrenched bureaucracies think that, in fact, the President should do as they say at all times.

When the President disagrees with the CIA or the State Department, the lefties therein leak to the newspapers to damage the President. During the campaign, the groups leaked in coordination with the media to drive stories damaging to Bush. As Michael Ledeen pointed out today, during the communist purges of the State Department, all the reds went to the CIA where they stayed safely protected.

Well, the CIA, having been sure of Saddam’s location when the war started and sure of where the WMD’s were, was equally sure that Bush would lose. He didn’t. And now the CIA and State Department must learn a lesson. They backed the wrong guy in public and now the President should publicly smite them. Condi Rice moving to State is a good start.

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