The Macon, GA police department is withdrawing from a voluntary accreditation process with the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (“CALEA”).

Withdrawing completely from the process would leave the police department unaccredited, but Daughtry referred questions about when and if that might happen to Macon Police Chief Rodney Monroe. The department has been accredited by CALEA since 1988.

Monroe said last week that there are inconsistencies in the accreditation process between the last time the department was reaccredited three years ago and this year’s review.

Monroe also said there are now issues with the pay and promotions systems of the police department. Monroe has said previously that he wanted to reform both of those systems.

Monroe said he would not comment further until after the CALEA conference in December.

There is probably trouble on the horizon. Chief Monroe, brought in from Washington, DC, has generally done a good job under bad circumstance and poor leadership from the mayor’s office.

Withdrawing from the accreditation process, however, leads me to believe that we might be in danger of losing accreditation. With crime going up in Macon, I wonder just how bad it really is at City Hall.