For two and a half hours today, I took time away from my job and stood in a line to cast my vote. Georgia has early voting this week and turnout has been phenomenal. In some areas the lines are four to five hours long. I intended to vote on Election Day, but will be in New York City that day.

I stood in line and sacrificed billable hours, the lifeblood of a young lawyers practice. Seven hours after leaving the Bibb County Board of Elections, my feet and knees still ache. But, I cast my ballot for George W. Bush. He has earned it. He deserves my vote.

I stood in line to vote today. What did you do today to help the President? What will you do tomorrow? We have four days left. Let’s make it time well spent.

I guess I should shock and horrify some of you now. I also voted for Jim Marshall, the current Democratic Congressman representing the Middle District of Georgia. He is running against a guy I know and like, Calder Clay, who is the Republican in the race. Calder has run a disappointing campaign of negative attacks without any positive counter punch. His whole campaign operation is worthy of scorn and ridicule.

Calder Clay is a great guy. His campaign manager should be flogged and chased out of town. As a political consultant, I have to question the judgment of a man whose campaign was run so horribly. Yes, was — I do not think he has a prayer of winning. Calder has not told us why he wants to be a Congressman or what he would do besides being a Republican. That would have been all well and good until he attacked outsourcing, which I don’t think is a bad idea.

The current Congressman generally offers support of the President’s tax cuts, aggressive support of the President’s foreign policy, and support for our local Air Force base. He is a liberal, but he understands he has to vote like a conservative. All in all, however, I’d rather vote for a guy who is actually working hard for the area than for a guy who, though I truly like him, comes across through his campaign as only wanting the title of Congressman without the work that comes with the title.