It is worth noting when other bloggers do good work keeping track of the mundane, but useful. Christopher, from Legal XXX, has done just that with Kerry’s incessant need to have a plan. 29 times, he referred to his plans.

I have a plan to put people back to work.

I’ve proposed a plan that can capture it and contain it and clean it within four years.

I could do a better job. My plan does a better job.

You can pull it off of the Internet. And you’ll find a tort reform plan.

I have a plan.

I have a plan to lower the cost of health care for you.

I have a plan to cover all children.

I have a plan to let you buy into the same health care senators and congressmen give themselves.

I have a plan that’s going to allow people 55 to 64 to buy into Medicare early.

And I have a plan that will take the catastrophic cases out of the system….

What means something is: Do you have a plan?

And I want to talk about my plan some more…

Let me begin by saying that my health-care plan is not what the president described.

Choose your doctor, choose your plan. (Ed–Now even YOU have a plan!)

The only people affected by my plan are the top income earners of America.

Now, you didn’t hear any plan from the president, because he doesn’t have a plan to lower the cost of health care.

I have a plan to cover those folks. And it’s a plan that lowers cost for everybody…

We’ve got to create the products of the future. That’s why I have a plan for energy independence within 10 years.

The Wall Street Journal said 96 percent of small businesses are not affected at all by my plan.

The president rushed our nation to war without a plan to win the peace

I have a plan that will help us go out and kill and find the terrorists

But I’ll also have a better plan of how we’re going to deal with Iraq

I have a plan to provide health care to all Americans

I have a plan to provide for our schools…

I have a plan to protect the environment…

Good work, Chris.