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The Bay Area of California has one heck of a pleasant climate – at least this week. I am told that this is above normal. Usually the temperature stays in the 70’s, which really isn’t bad either. Mark Twain once said the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. I can see why.

What I cannot figure out is why there are so many lefties out here – not just liberals, but leftists.

Two blocks from where I am staying there is a yard with a great big round sign hanging from an arbor. On one side, the word “Vote” appears. On the other side is a “W” with a red slash through it. Out front is a station wagon with a bumper sticker that says “War is terrorism.”

Yeah, right.

Along the tree lined streets and in numerous shops, John Kerry signs pop up like wild flowers. In other areas there are just as many anti-Bush signs. I have yet to see a Bush sign. If I lived out here on a daily basis, I would think John Kerry was easily going to win.

Of course I live in Georgia. There, only outsiders and rebels don’t have “W’04” stickers on their cars. To say everyone supports Bush is a stretch, but lots more actively support Bush than support Kerry in Georgia. I can understand the support of Bush in Georgia. Georgia is the south. Contrary to lefty rants, racism has nothing to do with the support. The support comes from a work ethic built on individual responsibility and a deep rooted distrust of government.

I have yet to figure out why so many out here support Kerry. If it is individualism, a work ethic, and a deep rooted distrust of government that drive people to Bush, I can only conclude that the opposite brings support for Kerry. His supporters have socialist tendencies and liberal morals. They are less reserved and less religious. They are more open, which, I suppose, can be explained by the houses on top of houses with open windows so everyone hears everything – everything.

This is just an entirely different culture. I like the climate, but I’ll take the South any day of the week.

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  • Makes me think of the bumper stickers that you still see down South that say, “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.” I must say I agree.

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