I had an automated poll call the other day. I want to say it was the “IRC One Minute Poll” or something like that.

The first question was “If the election were held today, press 1 if you’d vote for Kerry-Edwards, press 2 if you’d vote for Bush-Cheney, press 3 if you’d vote for candidates not mentioned.”

The second question was “If you selected Kerry-Edwards in question 1, press 1 if you are voting for Kerry-Edwards or press 2 if you are voting against Bush-Cheney.”

That’s just it. I selected 2 to the first question, but got asked the second question anyway. I guess I was suppose to hangup. I pressed 2 to the second question (that’s what most Dems think anyway) and the poll stopped.

So, my question is, if there are others like me who answerd Bush-Cheney for the first question and then also made a selection in the second question, will that second question be counted in the poll?


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