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Move over prison scandal, a new story is in town. And this one plays to positive poll numbers for the President — of course, wait for the media to start trying to take down that number with this story. That’ll be hard because the media sees the President’s “cowboy” responses as negative and plays them up. The rest of us see them as genuine and effective ass kicking.

Federal officials have information suggesting that al Qaeda has people in the United States preparing to mount a large-scale terrorist attack this summer, sources familiar with the information said yesterday.

Let me get this straight. First, we have the prison scandal story overshadowing the Berg slaying. Now we have an al Qaeda threat on the home front.

Then we’re going to have the release of Bill Clinton’s book followed, most likely, by books from all the House impeachment managers to keep Monica alive a little longer.

How does John Kerry get his non-message out? Oh, right — his slogan is “Let America Be American Again.” How fitting then that Bill’s book is coming out to remind us of what it means to let American be America again (before Bush and 9/11). Maybe Bill’s book is coordinated with Kerry’s non-message.

The fact of the matter is that, as Robert Tagorda said yesterday, Kerry has not made an effective response to Bush on Iraq. Now he’s going to have to try to make an effective statement on that after saying that he would treat terrorism as a law enforcement action — something most Americans are inclined to be skeptical towards.

Supposedly Kerry will give a big speech on the issue Thursday. No doubt he’ll try to bash Bush about domestic terrorists. But, the key is to tell the public what he’d do differently. My personal view is that what we’re doing is right and any other method would be a step backward. If Kerry will do as Bush is doing, why vote for Kerry?

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