Final Rejection Of The Barnes Legacy


Roy Barnes, the last Governor of Georgia, drew up legislative lines to ensure a Democrat majority in the Georgia Congressional delegation, drew up lines to perserve Democratic dominance in the Georgia legislature, raised $11 million to win re-election, and changed the Georgia flag to a hideous blue flag in order to remove the Stars and Bars.

Barnes lost re-election, the Congressional delegation is majority Republican, the State Senate became Republican, a three judge panel ruled Barnes’ state legislative districts are unconstitution, the legislature changed the flag again and decided to let voters vote if they wanted the blue flag back, and in a final repudiation to his legacy, the voters rejected his flag. Details here.

In a vote that many hope will finally end years of divisive debate over the state flag, the current flag won an overwhelming victory in Tuesday’s referendum.

The flag, approved by the Legislature last April, was pushed by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and others as the best way to finally put an end to the debate. A victory by the blue 2001 flag, many feared, would have led the Legislature to take up the issue again, and perhaps revive an effort to return to the 1956 flag that prominently featured the Confederate battle emblem.

Thus ends the legacy of Roy Barnes.

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