Well, I’m not a big NASCAR fan, but I am a political junkie — so I watched to see the President.

Ah, the power of incumbency. On NBC, we saw Air Force One do a fly by and then circle around the Race Track to the cheers and roar of the crowd.

Then, Bush’s motorcade drove around the track to more cheers. Then the military personnel who were there, and the drivers, welcomed Bush like a conquering hero. Then NBC had an interview with him where they discussed sports and throwing out the first pitch of the World Series in New York right after 9/11.

Bush got to throw in his love for speed. He said, [as accurately as I can] “I flew fighters in the Guard. I love speed.” Then he talked about the track and how fast the cars went.

I can’t picture John Kerry doing the same thing. My bet is that Bush will win the NASCAR fans.

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