In a never ending quest to buy as many Apple products as I can, Christy and drove the hour and a half to the Apple Store in Atlanta and purchased an Airport so we can set our house up wirelessly.

Christy is getting a laptop (non-Apple, but I guess that will be okay), so we really needed wireless at home, anyway.

Here’s the interesting part. We have Cox Cable and their high speed internet. According to Cox, there is no way their internet access works with Apple’s Airport and they don’t have their system set up to work wirelessly with a Mac.

Well, I googled for days researching the issue and, I can now confirm, despite what Cox says, I am surfing the internet on my iMac wirelessly with the Airport.

The other cool thing with the Airport is that I can plug my printer into the Airport and plug in a modem and I can print wirelessly and have a wireless dial up connection too.

There may be a premium for Apple products, but they are so cool.