Well, Robert Holcomb has taken the challenge of answering Professor Bainbridge’s question. Could the coaches be compelled to vote for the winner of the Sugar Bowl? I quite frankly don’t have an answer. I think Robert may very well be right, but I think the damage would be done. The coaches would have already voted for USC for BCS to sue and the damage would be done.

So, a court may order the championship rings to go to LSU, but, if the coaches all say USC was the actual champion and a court forced them to change their votes, it would only be a phyrric victory.

Okay, so that only complicates the issue. I do think, though, that the coaches could not be compelled to change their vote from their favorite team because of the 1st, 13th, and 14th amendments. But, I do think the Court could order that the outcome with respect to property rights, e.g. the rings, be treated as though the coaches had honored their part of the bargain.

Then, of course, is there a monetary damage figure? I would say no, because everyone already knows BCS is crap. 😉