Karen Tumelty at Time is the latest to do a version of this:

The doctor might not like to hear this, but the confidence in his gut, his disdain for process and his tendency to get right to solutions brings to mind someone else: George W. Bush. Like Bush, Dean can no longer make a friend of low expectations. The question is whether he can repeat Bush’s feat of convincing enough Americans that what his critics think they know about him isn’t actually true.

My theory is that the reporters see the writing on the wall. They know Dean will be the nominee and that he must be made acceptable. What is the easiest way to make a liberal acceptable? Call him a moderate.

In this case, they will compare Dean to Bush. So, the conservatives can get the cowboy and the liberals can get the smart guy and both will be about the same. Dean will not be too far left, he will be Bush — but version 2.0, more compatible with Democrats.