Holy crap, a post of that title and it’s NOT about Bill Clinton. No, no. Tomfoolery of the Highest Order has this little tidbit from the Telegraph:

[D]escriptions of Saddam Hussein are the latest target of a corporation diktat [at the BBC].

“An email has been circulated telling us not to refer to Saddam as a dictator,” I’m told. “Instead, we are supposed to describe him as the former leader of Iraq.

“Apparently, because his presidency was endorsed in a referendum, he was technically elected. Hence the word dictator is banned. It’s all rather ridiculous.”

The Beeb insists that the email merely restates existing guidelines.

[Ed. — okay, Tomfoolery didn’t actually quote that much of the piece and I actually quoted from the Telegraph, but I saw Brian’s picture on his main page and I’m pretty sure he could kick my ass, so I’ll credit him a whole lot on this piece.]