Regarding the “Invasion” Caravan


This is where we could use a media that everyone trusts, but over the past year the media has squandered any and all remaining goodwill with the American public, particularly with conservatives, by lying, pushing half-truths, and failing to report all the facts in various situations because so many members of the media have joined the so-called resistance.

I do not believe and note the President has walked back claims of Islamic radicals mixing in with the caravan. While it is possible and the media has far too often dismissed stories that show individuals from the Middle East have crossed the southern border (such stories do exist), I have seen no evidence that this is actively a part of what is happening.

Unfortunately, I have also seen a media willing to ignore their own eyes in their reporting on this caravan. It is clearly organized. It was clearly coordinated across international borders. But the media would have us believe there is no central organizing component and they would have us believe no one has put up any money to support this effort.

Thousands of people from multiple countries are marching across international boundaries and the media would have us believe the various nation-states along the way are helpless to stop them and in no way complicit in allowing this to proceed.

I do not believe it is coincidental that this caravan is happening in the immediate run up to the American federal elections. While I have no proof, considering what happened to the President’s polling numbers upon separating families at the border earlier this year, I strongly suspect the organizers hope for that visual again as a way to influence the election.

Ultimately, a great many people worried about Russia trying to influence our election are perfectly willing to turn a blind eye to the organizers of this caravan trying to influence our election.

Our border is sovereign and while the various failed states of Centra America cannot secure their borders, President Trump should use any and all means to secure our southern border.

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