Remember: Tolerance Is Just a Word They Use, But Do Not Mean


Houston voters decisively rejected the gay mafia’s attempt to force their world view on voters — a world view that would have let men into women’s restrooms. Houston voters decided, instead, to stick with a few thousand years of the status quo. It is also a status quo that exists in most of the rest of the country.

So, having lost democratically, the gay mafia will now attempt to punish Houston, TX for defying it. Heads, they win. Tails, you lose.

Even the outgoing Mayor of Houston has seemingly given tacit blessing to punishing Houston.

What makes it so outrageous is that if they are successful, and they probably will not be successful, they will more likely than not see the Superbowl given to a city that has the same status quo as Houston.

The gay mafia does not want tolerance — they have no intention of tolerating democratic acts that defy them. They want it their way. They have no respect for federalism or communities of interest, but see conformity to their version of utopia.

There will be no tolerance. Instead, you will be made to care.

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