Hey Look! Turns Out Willing Officials Can Make Compromises


The Democratic Party, as it has gotten more and more secular, is unwilling to do the things necessary for people who disagree to peacefully coexist. It should have been an easy thing to keep Kim Davis out of jail in Kentucky. But Democrats refused to do anything. The Governor would not issue an executive order. He would not convene the state legislature. He demanded Kim Davis violate her faith while giving lip service to her concerns.

Turns out, though, that something could be done. Matt Bevin is willing to issue the executive order the Democratic Governor claimed he could not issue. Bevin is also willing to have the legislature make changes.

It is possible for people of cultural clashes to peacefully co-exist in the United States. The problem is just that the people with the “coexist” bumper stickers really have no intention of letting anyone they disagree with continue in the town square.

They intend to make us all care. Kentucky, for now, has gotten a reprieve.

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