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Every year, on the Sunday closest to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Christian churches in America, across denominations, focus sermons and Sunday School lessons on life.

It happens in Presbyterian churches. It happens in Baptist churches. It happens in Catholic churches. It happens in Anglican churches. It happens in Methodist churches.

Now, to be sure, it does not happen in all of them. PCA Presbyterians do it. I know a few PCUSA Presbyterians who do it, but most of them don’t. Among evangelicals, however, it happens. The Catholic churches in my area do it too.

I hope pastors will start doing the same on the Sunday closest to June 26th each year. That will be the anniversary of the Supreme Court going Romans 1 on marriage.

Each year, on the Sunday closest to June 26th, Christian pastors should explain why marriage only exists between a man and woman. Each year, pastors need to remind the faithful that marriage is an institution created by God, not man, and though the government might want to redefine it, God has set it aside for a special purpose.

Pastors need to do this, just as they focus annually on life.

If you are a pastor, I hope you will go on and mark your calendar for next June to prepare for it.

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