This whole piece is a must read from Rod Dreher. This quote stands out:

“If you raise up young people to believe that the truth of their theological beliefs is determined by the quality of their emotional experience in worship, you are undermining your foundations.”

I have been thinking of this a lot lately and noted it in my piece from this morning. Too many people treat Jesus as a cause or a cure. Jesus is a man. There are all sorts of causes and cures out there, but there is only one man who conquered death.

We know he conquered death. We have eye witnesses to the events. Too many people have to be written out of history to claim Jesus is a myth or is not God. Know Jesus is a man worth dying for and he becomes a cause worth dying for.

But if you raise up your child that Jesus is a cause, they may one day find another cause more compelling to them. As the world is hostile to the things of Christ and those who believe him, your child may pursue a path of least resistance and gravitate to a cause easier to embrace.

But if you raise your child that Christ is real and alive, they can know him and form a relationship with him and not depart from him. It is far easier to give up a cause than it is a man with his arms outstretched willing to hold you close if you let him.

Jesus is a man and he is everything. Progressive churches who dwell not on the man, but the cause, eventually die because the cause becomes the idol they worship instead of worshipping the man named Jesus.