Embracing What I’d Preferred to Ignore


WSB Radio is the nation’s most listened to talk station. We are not the largest market. But among top radio stations in the country, we are the top dog. I am very honored to man the microphone at evening drive time. It is a pretty powerful microphone.

Every candidate I supported in the metro-Atlanta primaries won their primaries, save one. All the candidates I supported in the runoff, save for two, won.

It took me a long time to realize that people pay attention to what I write at RedState. It has taken me an equally long time to realize people actually listen to and appreciate what I say on radio.

With me now filling in for Rush Limbaugh, doing my own show, maintaining a TV presence, etc. it is time get serious about this website too. RedState is still the day job and where the bulk of my writing will be. But I’m making a commitment to engaging here too.

As a result, I am going to redirect erickerickson.org to erickontheradio.com and make this my personal home online.

One day maybe I’ll be able to afford a web designer too.

It is time.

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