ImageIf you are interested, you can go here to read my article on Fred Thompson in South Carolina.

I have to tell you, I was struck by the sense of what might have been while I was there. Clearly, the man knows the issues. For all of John McCain’s straight talk, Fred Thompson has been the guy in the debates that the fact check sites have not had to worry about. On the trail, it was no different. He was witty, good natured, and very candid.

If he does not win, I don’t think it would be a fair statement to say he would not care. But, it was really never about him to begin with. I suspect he is encouraged that the other candidates have been taking on his ideas as their own. The Giuliani tax plan is a great example of that.

But, Thompson has been getting traction in South Carolina. How much? We’ll find out on Saturday. I don’t have any insider knowledge on this, but I suspect if Fred does well, though not in first place, we’ll see him stay in through Super Tuesday.

The media has not reported it, but the Thompson campaign has been pulling in money at a good rate for several weeks now. He can fund himself through Super Tuesday. Considering the rate of ideas adoption by the other candidates, we might all be better off if he stays in, regardless of the outcome.