The American people, if we can believe the polling, have decided to believe General Petraeus, despite MoveOn.Org’s attempted smear job.

So, how is the left responding?


They are calling into question General Petraeus’s bronze star and whether he really has earned all the medals he wears.

That’s right, according to the left, General Petraeus is a liar and a fraud. According to one DKos (surprised?) poster, General Petraeus did not deserve the medal and so if it was really given to him, it had to be a GOP job to boost his credibility.

Now, you may say this is just one poster, but browse through the comments.

Here’s a fun one:

Fillet us Petraeus we have other fish to fry

Here’s another:

We all witnessed the outcry about MoveOn’s ad. Can you imagine the outrage over attempting to point (discredit, defame in their words) the almighty, Saint Petraeus? Bush has built him up as a hero. Military brass cannot be questioned or dishonored, apparently even if they deserve it.

And here is my favorite:

I was born in a military hospital and my dad didn’t retire from the military until I was in college. Uniforms with metals are part of the military culture — and LYING is also part of the military culture. However, lying about one of the highest metals given is NOT acceptable — EVER.

The guy needs to be discredited — and people need to be educated about the significance of a chest full of metals.

But let’s not question their patriotism.