The Georgia legislature is considering adopting a “Baby AIDS” program that I heartily endorse and encourage them to pass. The law would require HIV testing of pregnant women, but allow an opt-out. I would encourage them to get rid of the opt-out provision.

The ACLU and AIDS activists hate this program and, under its federal moniker, is part of the Ryan White program. Anyone born in the seventies or before probably remembers Ryan White. The Democrats, under pressure from AIDS activists, just killed the program in Washington.

Georgia should really pick up the ball.

The Baby AIDS program has been extremely successful at eradicating AIDS in infants. Pregnant women who have HIV can take special drugs and post-birth steps to cut the risk that they will infect their children. Sadly, many women do not know they are infected and, as a result, pass the disease to their children.

New York was the first state to pass a Baby AIDS program. In 1990, prior to adoption of the program, there were 321 cases of Baby AIDS. By 2003, that number had dropped to 5.

Baby AIDS is quite preventable, but civil ilbertarians, AIDS activists, gay rights activists, and feminists have for years argued that the privacy concerns of the mother far outweigh all all concerns. That’s a shame because they are causing the infliction of a disease on children that could readily be stopped by a simple blood test. There’s a great article on this issue here from 2005.

I encourage those of you in the state legislature reading this to pass this legislation.

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